Inspirational 11 is released Today!

Today sees the release of Inspirational 11, which has the theme of Word & Symbol. Twenty Two contemporary artists that range from painters to poets, from needlework to collage, from the aesthetic to the cheeky, all have a place in this issue.

Inspirational 11 comes in at 224 pages with 174 full page, full colour illustrations. Each artist has a segment of this portfolio Inspirational, each giving a description of their work and how they personally work with words and symbols. Then each artist has chosen 6 to 8 images of their work to illustrate their personalised text. 

It was important to me that Inspirational move on from me giving essay crits of artists work, I thought it time that they spoke for themselves through text and imagery, so that is what I have done here. I have pulled back and allowed the artists to be their own voice.

Pulling together such a large and diverse group of artists, isn't easy, and at times I didn't think that I was going to make the deadline in time, but I did, like I always do, and to be fair, you couldn't ask for a more generous, and genuinely friendly bunch of people as those featured in Inspirational 11, I am fortunate indeed.

The list of artists appearing in this new issue of Inspirational are, in order of appearance: 

Alicia Eaton Lewis - mixed media artist
Anatol Knotek - artist and visual poet
Brian Kenny - multimedia artist
Chazalon Respress - fine art painter
China Marks - fiber artist
Dana Frankfort - fine art painter
Emma Parker - fiber artist
Emmanuel Signorino - fine art painter and photographer
Gregory Siff - visual artist, designer, writer, actor
Henry Hussey - fiber artist
Ines Seidel - mixed media artist
Johan Deckmann - text based artist
Jordan Alan Brown - poet and photographer
Laurie Doctor - fine art painter and calligrapher
Lisa Anne Auerbach - fiber artist
Maria Wigley - fiber artist
Mark Hopper - fine art painter
Meg Hitchcock - sacred text collage artist
Peg Grady - fiber artist
Peyton Freiman - visual artist, writer, actor
Sara Impey - fiber artist
Sergio Albiac - fine art painting and collage artist

...and the guy gracing the cover of Inspirational 11? Gregory Siff

I hope that you enjoy this issue of Inspirational. I really enjoyed the journey of putting it together, learnt so much from connection with all of the artists. Wonderful!

Anyway, this issue along with Inspirational 1 through 10, can be bought from the Inspirational page by simply pressing HERE

Please enjoy.