Inspirational 12 - Human Dimension

It's September 12 and it's time to release Inspirational 12. I am so excited by this issue, so much has happened since Inspirational 11, so many new horizons have opened up for the project, and so many warm and genuine connections have been made across the planet, how cool is that!

Inspirational 12 has the theme of the human dimension, but the theme is genuinely broad, so the work of artists includes the experiences of the species as well as unique personal experiences, it includes the intensity of the physical as well as the non-physical, it includes the real and the abstract, and that is exactly what is needed for this broad theme. To be honest, the human dimension theme could fill the next 12 issues of inspirational, it is that close to our experience, it IS our experience!

Anyway, the project has gathered together 24 of the best contemporary artists from across the planet. There are artists from North and South America, from Europe and Asia, from Africa. It is truly wonderful how planet-wide this issue has become. In order of appearance the artists are:

Adam Collier Noel, Alex Garant, Austin Boe, BJ Broekhuizen, Collin McAdoo, David Delruelle, Denholm Berry, George Kanis, Giulio Musardo, Giuseppe Velardo, Joshua Jenkins, Juana Gomez, Karen Rips, Paula Chung, Macsime Simon, Mark Horst, Meghan Willis, Milena ZeVu, Raija Jokinen, Rebeka Elizegi, Rene Capone, Robert Flynt, Stiofan O'Ceallaigh, Yoon Jiseon.

artwork of the 24 artists featured in Inspirational 12

Please do what you can to help publicise and promote the Inspirational project, and this issue in particular. It's important that collective projects like this get as wide an audience as they can. It is in all our interests to help promote and project the art community that we love and that we call home.

One last thing. I need to say something about nudity and Inspirational 12. Yes there are naked men and women represented, and I have been a little facetious on social media concerning it. To me it is an integral part of the visual arts, and an obvious part of the theme of the human dimension. But if you do have a problem, then just avoid, but don't complain, let others enjoy. Thanks! john XXX

The artists featured in Inspirational 12