A list of contemporary artists that have been featured on this site. All artists featured, work in a range of disciplines and materials. All are listed in reverse order, with the most recently featured coming at the top of the list. This is a resource that is set to grow as time progresses.

Purificacion Navarro: Consumerism S(mashup)

Claude-Maurice Gagnon: Autobiographical Identity

Filip D Jensen: Intimate Tensions of the Mind

Vilela Valentin: Desire and Need

Akiko Suzuki: The Spaces Within Life

Emanuela Cau - A Life Less Hidden

Manel Ortega and Muse

Mark Hopper - The Road To Hell

Emmanuel Barrouyer: Gender and Identity

Andrew Stephen Norris and the Gender Role

Hector de Gregorio and the Theatre of Life

Wilhelm Vincent - The Necromancer's Shadow

Silvio Severino - Collage and Gif Artist

The Light and Dark World of Tilemaxos Varsamas

Constantinos Chaidalis - The Sinister Series

Andy-Jean - An Artist Who "Has to Say"

Greg Farndon and the Language of Our Times

Introducing David Hurley

Andrew G Fisher - The Passage of Time

Tom Abbiss Smith - Bold, Confident, Positive

Stiofan O'Ceallaigh - Journey of an Artist

Titus Schulz - The Machine if Technology

Mark Hopper - the Adventure of the Inner Self

George Kanis and his Journey as Experimenter

Adam Collier Noel - Journeys of Transition

The Work of Jeffrey Earp

Graeme Jukes Fears and Nightmares

Austin Boe - The Great Connector

Brian Henry's Eviscerate

Carolina Chocron - Connecting the Diconnected